Hack the Burgh

We have prizes for the best three projects overall!

On slack at #general

AND Digital

Hack Edinburgh Tourism Industry!

On slack at #and_digital


Climate driven hack!

On slack at #blackrock


Polaroid photo challenge

On slack at #blackrock

Major League Hacking

Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

On slack at #mlh

Major League Hacking

Best UiPath Automation Hack

On slack at #mlh

Major League Hacking

Best Use of Google Cloud

On slack at #mlh


Procedurally Generated Game

On slack at #craneware


Design your own trading algorithm

On slack at #optiver


Create the most innovative solution to a real world problem that our travellers face, with a conscious focus on sustainability

On slack at #skyscanner

Thought Machine

Best use of Vault

On slack at #thoughtmachine


Best use of Transloadit APIs

On slack at #transloadit


Build a chatbot to better enhance a specific service in the banking industry

On slack at #barclays

some amount of time

remaining before the deadline